Following Jesus isn't always easy... 

Life comes at us hard, change comes unexpectedly, our schedules overwhelm us, and when the dust clears, we sometimes feel like something is missing. It may not be that something is missing. In reality, it may be that someone is missing. Small groups are all about helping each other to stay on track, stay focused on God, and work through the things in life that really matter the most.

So what is a Mosaic small group? It’s an opportunity to CONNECT with others in a more meaningful way, and it’s a place GROW in your understanding and application of what we discover in God’s Word!

Here’s what we want you to know about Mosaic small groups:

1) Here’s where we all take our next steps together. Each person’s step might look different, but they are all a big deal and celebrated.

2) You’re going to be heard, you’re going to be challenged, and you’re going to be encouraged.

3) Small groups are a lot like Vegas. What happens in small groups stays in small groups.

Where & When do small groups meet?

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